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white sauce pasta

White sauce pasta

white sauce pasta is a famous Italian dish it is cooked with creamy white sauce and butter, flour, raw milk or cream, and cheeses.

Shahi paneer

Shahi Paneer is a creamy and delicious Indian dish. The dish is made from paneer cooked in buttery tomato-based gravy, spices, and sometimes cashews.

Veg Momos

Momos are a type of South Asian dumpling popular in Nepal, Tibet,Bhutan and parts of India, especially in the Himalayan region  

Chicken Biryani

Fragrant layered with chicken and spices galore biryani’s symphony of flavors leaves taste buds wanting more

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Egg Biryani

 Egg biryani is an Indian popular dish. biryani is made with rice, eggs, and raw spices.t is an alternative to the traditional biryani, which is typically made with chicken and mutton.


Aamras is an easy sweet mango dish with mango. In Hindi, Aam means mango and Ras means juice. So the word Aam means Mango and Ras means Pulp or juice aamras means a juicy mango extract.

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Naan- Its soft, chewy texture

Mater paneer– is a delightful vegetarian option 

Chutney– Tamarind chutney 

Pulao– flavourful rice


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Lemon rice

bundi ke laddu

Bundi ke laddu

alloo ke prathe

Masala dosa

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Paneer tikka
shahi paneer
Rajma Chawal
ras malai
besan ki barfi

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